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Looking to reach your customers quickly, efficiently, and cost effectively?
Then set up a WhatsApp marketing campaign!

With nearly 23 million people in South Africa using WhatsApp, marketing campaigns on WhatsApp can complement or even replace traditional communication methods with consumers. By utilising WhatsApp for your business, you can offer consumers smooth and reliable interactions easily and affordably.

From competitions to customer support and appointment reminders, WhatsApp offers businesses creative ways to engage with consumers while still gaining valuable insights into customer behaviour. You can monitor the hours are most frequently active online, increasing or decreasing resources accordingly. Measuring the success of your campaign is significantly easier as you can measure “messages seen” and status delivery, enabling you to optimise future conversations.

As people who use WhatsApp do so on smartphones or even computers, you can easily send links to additional information on websites that customers can follow with the click of a button! Virtually any type of media can be sent to customers via WhatsApp, streamlining a range of processes. On top of that, there is a written record of any interactions that customers can refer back to quickly and easily.

How it works

Stouf assist companies with setting up WhatsApp marketing campaigns from conception to execution.

For more information on how to set up WhatsApp campaign contact our team today.

Here is an example where our client Tigerbrands had requested for users to upload a photo of their till slip and have the image automatically read. Users where also able to download terms and conditions


The report includes the time and date the messages were sent, delivery report per message, and a breakdown of the message status which can help inform future campaign strategies.

Type of WhatsApp campaigns


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The Do's and Don'ts of SMS

Ensure the subscriber has opted in
Incentivise the consumer
Include a call to action in a campaign
Follow the Consumer Protector Act
Send at correct times
Don't spam
Don't block replies
Don’t forget to offer an “opt out”
Don’t send “After hours”

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