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Ensure you have all the responses to your SMS marketing campaigns in one place with SMS2HTTP! SMS2HTTP is a service that sends all incoming SMS messages to a web page or web API on your server.

When using a five-digit shortcode for your SMS marketing campaign, lead generation, competition, event registrations or surveys, SMS2HTTP is the system that ensures all the responses are gathered into one place. You can then use the gathered data such as names, email addresses, and cell phone numbers for targeted remarketing campaigns.

How it works

Set up a dedicated shortcode for your campaign.
When consumers respond, the messages will be posted directly to your chosen server.
You can then access and analyse the data and integrate it into your CRM system, or any other system

Benefits of SMS2HTTP


All messages and data can be viewed on SIMChat. 24/7


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The Do's and Don'ts of SMS

Ensure the subscriber has opted in
Incentivise the consumer
Include a call to action in a campaign
Follow the Consumer Protector Act
Send at correct times
Don't spam
Don't block replies
Don’t forget to offer an “opt out”
Don’t send “After hours”

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