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Send bulk SMSs at the drop of a hat using the SMPP protocol!!

SMPP Stands for Short Message Peer to Peer protocol and is the language cell networks use to relay text messages. Essentially, SMPP protocol regulates how an External Short Message Entity (ESME) and cell networks exchange SMSs with a mobile device.

The SMPP protocol acts as an integrator between the ESME and mobile devices, allowing applications and software to send messages quickly and efficiently. This ability to send messages virtually instantly makes SMPP perfect for any business’s marketing campaign as bulk SMSs can be sent to individual numbers or a mass list. The types of messages sent can include anything from promotions to appointment reminders and password reset requests.

How it works

We will create a SMPP user account for you.

You can then connect to our system using your SMPP gateway.

Benefits of Bulk SMS


The report includes the time and date the SMS was sent, delivery report per SMS, and a breakdown of the SMSs’ status which can help inform future campaign strategies.
Full reports on messages can be requested as and when needed.


Please contact us for more information

The Do's and Don'ts of SMS

Ensure the subscriber has opted in
Incentivise the consumer
Include a call to action in a campaign
Follow the Consumer Protector Act
Send at correct times
Don't spam
Don't block replies
Don’t forget to offer an “opt out”
Don’t send “After hours”

Let us get you connected to our SMPP system today!

If you’d like to find out more about how our SMPP system can work for your business, speak to us. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge mobile data communications solutions to business of all sizes