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Frequently Asked Questions

Bulk SMS

SMS is the short form of Short Message Service. One SMS message has a maximum length of 160 Characters.

It is more discreet than a phone conversation. It is direct and cost effective.

There is no limit to the number of messages you can send per day.

Yes, we do.
Please note that people need to respond to an SMS within 24 hours.

No, only the SMS credit per number.
We send you full reporting with Message Status

Short Code

Dedicated Short Code: A 5-digit number which people can SMS into that is only used for your business only. This means that no other business can operate on your dedicated SMS Short Code because it’s dedicated to that specific business.
Send an email to
R1.50 per electronic entry to a competition.

Web Service API

A Web Service API or application programming interface is an integration tool which can be used to link your systems and processes to our backend processes for uniformity of your information.
Contact us at
Developer API (Application Programming Interface) is a medium which provides the options to request and execute the SMS functionalities. Our HTTP based API extends our SMS functionalities by allowing you to integrate the SMS features with your web and desktop applications.


As soon as payment confirmation has been received your credits will be added to your account.
Yes, we do have tutorials throughout the system to help you.

Telkom Mobile (8ta)
We also support international sending

Payment & Costs

No, registration is absolutely free. You are only charged to purchase credits which you can use at any time.
Currently using EFT.

You can simply click on the ‘Credits’ button to purchase one of the Bulk SMS Bundles from our catalogue.

This will display the present catalogue of prepaid bundles available for purchase and you can select Individual or Company billing for Preferred Billing Method.

Insert the details required and click on ‘’Submit’. A Pro Forma invoice will be sent to you with the company details

Make payments using the reference number that is provided.
Please note for Short Code payments you will be invoiced on a monthly basis.