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Bulk SMS: Stouf Sends

Need to communicate with your database quickly and effectively? Use an SMS!

Bulk SMS allows you to send thousands of SMSs at once! Once you’ve got some catchy copy, a promotion, reminder, or corporate communique, you can get it in front of thousands of eyes in seconds. That way, you can inform, reassure, and delight your audience with all the information they need.

We can send one or multiple SMSs to a large database of cell phone numbers simultaneously. Your messages can also be scheduled, ensuring they go live at a specified time.

This highly-effective channel of communication is designed to put millions of customers within reach in just a few clicks. It’s accessible from one easy-to-use, convenient platform, anytime and anywhere.

How it works

Send the database of cell phone numbers and SMS message to our agents.
Stouf will then send out the message for you, saving you the hassle!


• Two-way communication that is user-friendly and cost-effective.
• Pay-as-you-use model with no monthly fees and a free registration.
• Accurate, real-time stats and reporting that help you track your campaign’s performance.
• Reliable, targeted communication that can be scheduled.
• Proven ROI, no matter your industry.
• Worldwide coverage with 24/7 accessibility
• Bulk personalised SMS
• Single personalised SMS
• Database management
• SMS scheduling
• SMS Replies
• Delivery receipts

Fun Facts

• SMS stands for Short Message Service
• SMS consists of 160 punchy characters.
• At Stouf, we are able to send 3000 SMSs per second!
• SMS campaigns have over 7 times greater performance than email campaigns
• 79% of smartphone users rely on an SMS opt-in or other mobile device service to assist in online purchasing decisions
• 90% of mobile device users feel that they benefit from SMS loyalty clubs
• Coupons delivered via SMS have 10 times higher redemption rate than printed coupons
• 90% of texts are read within 3 seconds of being received. That’s better than the read and open rate of emails, and click-through rate of Facebook ads
• SMS messages are read within 5 minutes

The Do's and Don'ts of SMS


Ensure the subscriber has opted in
Offer an automated opt out mechanism
Incentivise the consumer
Include a call to action in a campaign
Follow the Consumer Protector Act
Send at correct times


Don't spam
Don't block replies
Don’t forget to offer an “opt out”
Don’t send “After hours”
Prohibited times for direct marketing -

Unless a consumer has expressly or implicitly requested or agreed otherwise, you may not engage in any direct marketing directed to a consumer on:
• Sundays and public holidays, as outlined in the Public Holidays Act, 1994;
• Saturdays before 09:00 and after 13:00, and;
• all other days between the hours of 20:00 and 08:00 the following day.

Let us get your Bulk SMS up and running today

If you’d like to find out more about how our Bulk SMS services can work for your business, speak to us. We offer a wide range of cutting-edge mobile data communications solutions to business of all sizes